Short Fiber Composites

For short fiber reinforced plastic parts the local fiber orientation has a strong influence on the mechanical properties.
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CFD Simulations

CFD is applied to a wide range of research and engineering problems in many fields of study and industries.
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Product Development

We developed a new approach to product development based on optimizations.
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Composite Technology

Design of technology for the production of parts from composite materials.
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One of the biggest advantages of our engineering office is the complexity of the solution. We are able to provide preliminary design, complete CAD and CAE services, prototyping, technology design, managements of projects or development works …

CAD Services

Advanced CAD services based on paramatric thinking, drawings, visualizations, concept designs.

CAE Services

Structural analysis, Thermal analysis, Acoustic analysis, Multiphysics analysis, CFD simulations, FSI and coupled analysis, Fatigue.


Early sample models or release of a products built to test and verify a concept or process. We are using traditional technology,3D printing, laser technology and many other high-tech technology.


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